Abdessamad Tridane

Abdessamad Tridane


1 . Graduate Students Supervision

  • Ghilmana Sarmad, Ph.D. chair, Mathematical Modeling of  population mobility during a pandemic via local and nonlocal diffusion, Spring 2023-Now
  • Lahbib Benahmadi, Ph.D. co-chair, Impact of the New Moroccan Immigration Policies on  Global Public Health. Graduate Summer 2023. (Co-Chair with Dr. Mustapha Lhous)
  • Yamen Bawabji, M.S. Chair, Maximal Output admissible Sets for linear switched systems, Spring 2022-Now
  • Ruba Hamed, M.S. Chair, Mathematical modeling of controlling drug addiction: Epidemiological modeling approach, Fall 2022-Now.
  • Heba Hamed, S. Chair, Neural Network modeling of rumors, Fall 2022-Now.
  • Shymaa Dadoa, S. Chair, Reaction-Diffusion SEIR with generalized incident function, The United Arab Emirates. Fall 2020-Fall 2022.
  • Mahra Salem Nasser Al Blooshi, M.S. Chair, Optimal Control of Blood Glucose Level via Switched Control Approach, UAEU. The United Arab Emirates. Spring 2019-Spring 2021.
  • Alay Alya Saif Ahmed Al Shehhi, M.S., Chair, Mathematical modeling of the MERS-CoV in the UAE, UAEU. The United Arab Fall 2017-Fall 2018
  • Fatima Hassan Al Awadi, M.S., Chair, Mathematical modeling of the imported Malaria and the impact of climate change on the possible outbreak in the UAE, UAEU. The United Arab Emirates. Fall 2013-Spring 2015.
  • Lahbib BenAhmadi, M.S, Chair, Mathematical modeling of the early screening of immigrants and its impact on the communicable imported diseases in the UAE, The United Arab Emirates. Fall 2013. Spring 2015.

2 . Undergraduate Students Supervision

  • Nour Al Zoubi, Shahd Almazrouei, Reem Quzli, Rawdha Albeshr, and Rahaf Abuzarqa, Vaccination Allocation during a pandemic in the city of Abu Dhabi, SurePlus 2022, Summer and Fall 2022.
  • Yayha Youssef, Nahom Tesfasellassie, Yaman Sabsabi, Mohamed Greish, Toward redefining the Sustainable City After the COVID-19 era: Agent-based Modeling Approach, Spring 2022, SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. Spring 2022
  • Rim Abotouk, Kaltham Mohammed Nhail AlKtebi, Huda Bataineh, Mona Dawah, Alaa Al Salloum, Mathematical Modeling of reckless driving the UAE, SURE Plus Program, Summer 
  • Hussain Jaffar Alasmawi, Abdullah el Janahi, Mohamed Ali Alawadhi, Mathematical modeling of pipe smoking (Medwakh and Shisha) addiction in the United Arab Emirates, SURE Plus Program, Summer
  • Nasser Obaid Ahmed Aldarmaki, Bilal Hejase, Youssef Kasem and Hussain Jaffar Alasmawi, Modeling of Super-Spreader of MERS-Corona virus during Hajj season. SURE Summer 2016.
  • Nasser Obaid Ahmed Aldarmaki, Simulink Simulation of switched differential Independent Research project. Summer 2015.
  • Jawaher Salem Abdullah Saleh Ishaq and Hanan Ali Hajji. Mathematical modeling of MERS-Corona virus in The United Arab Emirates. SURE program. Summer
  • Jeremieh Optimization of the antiviral treatment and vaccination in influenza infection. Honors thesis. Spring 2011.
  • Paker, I. Summer, A. McBray, H. Wang, C. Appletton, Mathematical modeling the lipid production in the green algae under different biological conditions of nutrient and light. Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences at ASU. Spring 2008-Spring 2009.
  • Castro , S. Choi, N. Rodriguez, Y. Shui, Modeling the early protein A1-beta polymerization in Alzheimer disease. Arizona State University, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute. Summer 2008.
  • Nguyen, T. Griffin, Mathematical modeling of B-cells dysfunction in HIV. Arizona State University, Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute. Summer 2007.
  • Abromowitz, A. Robinson, M. Evers, W. Chambliss, E. J. Morales-Butler. Modeling the multiple therapy treatments in HIV Arizona State University, Mathematical, and Theoretical Biology Institute. Summer 2007.

3 . High School Students Supervision

I am mentoring one high school student from Hong Kong as part of The Global Talent Mentoring, The project is titled: Modeling the air pollution in the City of Hong Kong. Spring 2022-Now
I mentored five high school students in The Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment (SCENE) High School Educational Research Program at ASU.
  • Shi, H. Jing and A. Maganty, Cellular automata modeling of infectious diseases. Fall 2007.
  • Cheng, E. Mougharbel, Dynamical modeling of impulsive HAART therapy in HIV. Spring 2007.